Westfalia & Boris Preview More Excellent MORK BORG Miniatures

February 25, 2022 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures and Boris Wołoszyn have been showing off more of the miniatures that are going to become part of their new MORK BORG Kickstarter!

Gutterborn Scum - MORK BORG

Gutterborn Scum // MORK BORG

The various miniatures that they have been working on could be used as underhanded and deadly "heroes" as well as villains within your campaigns. I really like all the odd and quirky sculpts that this campaign is going to bring to the tabletop. Who wouldn't want to play a scampering Gutterborn Scum?

Another of the impressive miniatures is this absolutely terrifying Occult Herbmaster.

Occult Herbmaster - MORK BORG

Occult Herbmaster // MORK BORG

It is really neat that the different classes from MORK BORG are going to be catered to as part of this campaign. It also helps that Boris Wołoszyn is a fantastic sculptor who is able to really make these miniatures pop. They all feel unique and would be great to get stuck into with a brush!

We also got a few looks at some more of the miniatures that Boris has been working on. There wasn't an official name for this fellow so I just went with the Doomsayer!

Doomsayer - MORK BORG

Heretical Priest (we got his name!) // MORK BORG

I'm sure we'll get a proper name for this particular class or villain soon. Maybe someone who owns the MORK BORG roleplaying game can let me know what class and art this is based on? Again, it's fantastic and I love how absurdly grimdark and metal all of these miniatures look. It's a really boutique and interesting range for painters and gamers to get stuck into.

We also got this weird monstrosity. Can't guess what this is? Well, it's a Quest Giver. Yep, this strange creation would be handing out the quests your heroes have to undertake!

Quest Giver - MORK BORG

Quest Giver // MORK BORG

I love that idea. Rather than some benefactor helping you out, this strange amalgamation of rock, bones and flesh creaks into life and a raspy voice seems to come from nowhere. Do you listen to its wise words and complete your quest for the chance of some promised reward? Do you avoid the weird talking bones entirely?!

There are some fantastic miniatures coming up for this MORK BORG Kickstarter. I am really eager to see what else they bring to the tabletop.

Are you liking the look of these so far?

"There are some fantastic miniatures coming up for this MORK BORG Kickstarter..."

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