Boris Woloszyn Previews His Horsemen Of The Apocalypse!

April 20, 2022 by brennon

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Boris Woloszyn, who many will know from his sculpting on the latest MORK BORG Miniatures Kickstarter, has been previewing some towering and terrifying new miniatures. The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse are on the way.

Death - Boris Woloszyn

Death // Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

Each of the miniatures has got a distinctive "Boris" feel to them and you can tell that he has put his hand to them. There is a bit of Bosch in their look and feel as well as plenty of Beksinski. It's a unique and intriguing take on the Four Horsemen.

I like that there is a story to each of the miniatures. Death (above) is slight and thin and features plenty of that traditional "Reaper" imagery.

Famine - Boris Woloszyn

Famine // Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

Famine (above) shows off a terribly wizened and weakened mount and then the bulbous fellow mounted on the back. You get the sense that famine has come due to this fellow eating all the pies. I like that its weapon of choice is a reaping scythe as well as if it is riding through the fields turning everything to blackened rot as it goes.

Pestilence (below) introduces a creature that has been hollowed out from the inside by the sickness that it spreads.

Pestilence - Boris Woloszyn

Pestilence // Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

The spikey nature of the sculpt almost reminds me of a virus and the way that it latches onto cells. Boris did call this the "C-19 Queen" so I guess that makes sense. It will be fascinating to see how folks begin to paint these Horsemen. I sense a lot of airbrush work!

The last of the Horsemen is War (below) who looks more typically demonic in its design. I like that the miniature is all muscle and skulls which seems apt for this fellow's focus.

War - Boris Woloszyn

War // Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

I'm not sure if it was intended, but I like the fact that there are souls trapped within the body of War. You also have the steed who has been turned into one gigantic mouth. It's almost like "war" consumes all when it strikes. Another fascinating miniature.

To give you a sense of scale, Death stands at 154mm so you can use that to work out just how big the rest of these are. They are lined up to release later this year so keep an eye out if these have captured your attention.

Which of the Horsemen is your favourite?

"They are lined up to release later this year so keep an eye out if these have captured your attention..."

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