Face The Wrath Of The Nautilus In New Lost World Exodus Set

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Warcradle Studios has put another new set of miniatures up for pre-order for their growing worlds of Wild West Exodus and Lost World Exodus. See what you make of this new collection, The Wrath Of The Nautilus, who are going to be heading off to lands unknown.

Wrath Of The Nautilus - Lost World Exodus

Hit The High Seas With The Wrath Of The Nautilus Set

In this set, you'll find a collection of well-known figures who have ganged together to take on a new challenge. Here you'll find Rani Nimue, Sardar Hardit Singh, Charlotte Anning, Neko Mei, Violet Smee and Erasmus Darwin who are all set for adventure. Character Unit Cards are not available in this set but can be downloaded from the Wild West Exodus Website.

Wrath Of The Nautilus Alt - Lost World Exodus.jpg

My favourite miniature from this set is most certainly Sardar Hardit Singh. I think the pose for him is brilliant and you get a real sense of his presence on the battlefield and what he can do simply from the sculpt. I also like that throughout the miniatures from this set, you can see links back to our real-world history mixed in with that ace Steampunk aesthetic.

Will you be joining the Wrath Of The Nautilus and heading off to lands unknown?

"Will you be joining the Wrath Of The Nautilus and heading off to lands unknown?"

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