Wyrd Spy Malifaux’s Undercover Reporter

May 30, 2019 by dracs

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Wyrd get us over a barrel for their latest Malifaux 3rd Ed. reveal as the Undercover Reporter pops up in search of a story.

The Undercover Reporter is an enforcer for Nellie Cochrane's crew of journalists and will do anything in search of a story. Including hide in a barrel of slightly suspect substance, by the look of it.

Despite being in a barrel, this reporter is extremely mobile. Their Undercover ability lets them pop up across the battlefield (and severely disrupt the enemy battle plans), while the Follow a Lead tactical action gives them a bit of added mobility.

I love the design of this figure. Naturally, I have a bit of fellow feeling for a journalist (I remember the places I've had to hide in order to get interviews), but the design of the model really showcases the fun blend of humour that has come to characterise a lot of the over-the-top designs of Malifaux.

How would you make use of this reporter's skills? 

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