New British & French Releases Show Off Napoleonic Scenes

October 22, 2019 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures are exploring more Napoleonic releases this month with some new additions to both the French and the British forces. We'll start with some very extravagant looking leaders for the French on horseback.

General Fournier-Sarloveze General Pajol General Pully - Perry Miniatures

Leading the way we have this set of three models representing General Fournier-Sarloveze, General Pajol and General Pully. I couldn't begin to tell you who these fellows were but they look very done up indeed. It seems like a lot of Napoleonic warfare (as a general at least) was making sure that you looked as sparkly as possible. Perfect for someone with a rifle to take you out from long range.

This is then followed by an equal amount of ostentatious looking characters for the French with Marshal Lannes, General Lasalle and General Franceschi-Delonne.

Marshal Lannes General Lasalle General Franceschi-Delonne - Perry Miniatures

Again, I'm sure that someone will step in and tell me why these fellows are so special. It seems like it would take a lot more time than I have to delve down into the historical details about each of these different Generals and Marshals but this clearly gives you lots of options for fielding these historical characters.

Relaxin' On The Battlefield

As well as these options for the French we have a few little vignette scenes for the British. The first of these is a set called Light Cavalry Relaxing.

Light Cavalry Relaxing - Perry Miniatures

This is a great little piece which tells a story and helps set the scene between battles. Perhaps if you're looking to try and create an interesting scene in a diorama this would be a great pack to pick up. It could also be the snoozing and relaxing set of guards which will then be set upon by French scouts in a scenario too!

We also have this set of French Prisoners and their guards who are no doubt making them feel very comfortable.

French Prisoners & Guards - Perry Miniatures

Once again, the storytelling here is great and this would be a nice little set which works well for those building up vignettes and dioramas based around the period. I think this kind of storytelling in models is what the Perry twins do best.

What do you make of these new models from Perry Miniatures?

"I think this kind of storytelling in models is what the Perry twins do best..."

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