Perry Miniatures Tease More Plastic Austrian Cavalry Options

April 14, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Perry Miniatures has been showing off more from their Austrian Cavalry plastic set which would have released at Salute this year. While it might be a little while until this gets released, they thought it would be neat to show off more details from this kit.

Plastic Austrian Command - Perry Miniatures

The plastic set comes with the vast array of options that you've come to known and expect from Perry Miniatures. The horses look dynamic and are laden down with accessories that all of these soldiers would have been carting off into battle. You can see some options for the Command Sprue above and how that translates into the bits and bobs below.

Plastic Austrian Command Frame - Perry Miniatures

You've got a lot of different weapon options in here for the commander of your unit and then, of course, the additional options for the musician and standard bearer too. When it comes to Napoleonics, pagentry is everything and so having these big and bombastic elements helps build on the tabletop experience.

Massed Ranks

As well as the command element, we've also got a peek at the standard frames for the plastic set too. A whole bunch of additional options are available here.

Plastic Austrian Regular - Perry Miniatures

This gives you an idea of how some of them might look, taking the Cuirassiers as an example. As with the command sprue, you'll also be able to take a peek at lots more options as you can see here.

Plastic Austrian Rider Frame - Perry Miniatures

I always like looking at all of the little bits and bobs that go into making Napoleonic troops. It also convinces me that it would take me a lot more effort than I am willing to expend to paint up a full army for the period. Now, if someone gave me one to play then I'd be all over that! Maybe I could even just go into it from the paper-crafting end of things?

Plastic Austrian Horse Frame - Perry Miniatures

Things are looking up for those who want to dive in and pick up some new Napoleonics from Perry Miniatures. Whilst they might have had to close their doors for a little while, they should be getting these new plastic options out into the world soon enough.

Are you tempted by these new options for the Napoleonic period?

"Are you tempted by these new options for the Napoleonic period?"

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