Loads Of Wild Releases Hit Privateer’s Monsterpocalypse!

April 2, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been releasing some rather fun and quirky new additions to the Monsterpocalypse range over the past few weeks. So, we're going to dive in and check out a bunch of their bigger creatures and creations and a few of the smaller ones too.

Zor Manga - Privateer Press

Leading the way we have a pair of their more anime looking additions that would look just as good as part of an episode of Power Rangers too. Above you've got the Shadow Sun Syndicate Zor-Magna who comes with two deadly looking blades for slicing up her enemies.

She might then find herself going up against this fellow from Uber-Corp International. Here we have quite the 'Zord' looking construct in the form of Mecha-Maxim.

Mecha Maxim - Privateer Press

I have to say, the awesome white paint scheme alongside those poppy metallics and strips of colour across the model really work for this miniature and get you into the mind frame needed to play this game. It seems to me that someone diving into Monsterpocalypse is going to be looking for a fun and casual game where crazy things happen all the time!

Running with this theme of quirky and weird we've also got Green Fury's Sergeant Titanica!

Sgt Titanica - Privateer Press

This massive lady has origins which are more-or-less unknown but she now leads her rag-tag band of companions in some smashing adventures across the world. Previously available as a convention exclusive, this is a new sculpt for Titanica which allows you to add her into your games and have a bit of fun. I am getting vibes of classic monster films from her!

Lastly for this collection of creatures and characters in Monsterpocalypse we have The Waste's Globbicus!

Globbicus - Privateer Press

This roiling mass of sludge and toxic ooze has been dredged up from beneath the streets and is now taking over everything that it touches. Bringing a few Ghostbusters II vibes to the table, it seems like it is able to worm its way inside buildings and such in order to use them as part of its body. I think this looks awesome and would be great fun to paint. This might be my favourite! He even comes in an alternative pack where his components are Translucent Green.

Small Fry!

As well as these larger monster options presented above, Privateer Press has also released a series of smaller supporting packs too.

Each of these are affiliated with the factions we've mentioned above so they are a good match when looking to work out which faction you're going to play as next.

Are you a big Monsterpocalypse fan and will you be snagging these for yourself?

"I am getting vibes of classic monster films from her!"

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