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Dark Age buildings

Dark Age buildings

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About the Project

Dark Age buildings in a variety of materials, from shop bought to scratch built, this is a log of how I'm getting my tables for Saga up and running.

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A Reminder, Things Incoming...

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Dark Age Jedi!

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Production line pigments.

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As per the video below I’ve lined up all the stonework to be done. While the wash starts to dry I then went in and speckled the buildings with yellow and white pigments by flicking it off a toothbrush.

Once they’re dry I’ll get some pictures up of the finished stone  before moving on to the wood.

Dry Stoned

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So I’ve got everything from Fogou cleaned and primed ready for the painting step below. At one point I had some light grey from another project in my air brush so I gave it a blast as well. The final picture of some ruins on Orkney show kind of what I’ll be going for, although maybe not as light.

Stone work is being done with pigments and washes like the video of the first two buildings below, but for the wood I’ll be using a Vallejo weathered wood set and I’ll do a step by step for it as I’m keen to try it out.

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