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Erion’s Team Yankee British Army for Historicon

Erion’s Team Yankee British Army for Historicon

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About the Project

Getting a 64 point British Army of the Rhine Force ready for Historicon 2018 on July 13th.

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Lots of work in the Motor Pool

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The holiday weekend saw a great deal of forward progress on the vehicles for the force.  Most of them are ready for a gloss varnish in preparation for decals and then weathering.  A few of them have some exposed crew, which I generally use to designate unit leaders and the like, but in the case of the Spartan Blowpipe Troop there is also a SAM gunner popping up from the top hatches of the vehicles.  Those vehicles will need a bit more detail work on the camouflage and webbing before they’re all ready.

All told, there are 19 vehicles here, and in the span of about four hours on a Sunday afternoon they went from bare green to the state shown here.  Since they were last seen, the following steps have been taken (all paints from Army painter unless noted otherwise):

  • Airbrush stripes of Necromancer Cloak across all the vehicles.
  • Paint the tracks with Fur Brown.
  • Paint the track pads with Necromancer Cloak.
  • Paint the thermal sleeves on the Chieftains’ 120mm guns with Leather Brown.
  • All the machine guns were painted with Matt Black, then the very ends of the barrels were touched with Gunmetal.
  • Tool handles attached to vehicles were painted oak brown, then the business ends of those spades and axes were painted with Gunmetal.
  • The Blowpipe launchers were painted Venom Wyrm.
  • Gas Cans in the Chieftains’ stowage were painted a 50/50 mix of Venom Wyrm and Combat Fatigues.
  • That 50/50 mix was then added to another 50% of Leather Brown, which was painted on the footlockers in the stowage.
  • Everything on the vehicles was given a wash with Secret Weapon Armor Wash, thinned down  just about 50/50 with some of Army Painter’s Quickshade Wash Medium to help it flow much better.

Overall, the weekend’s progress was pretty good.  I would have liked to have gotten a bit more work done on the infantry teams than just basecoating all of the skin, but I’ll take any work I can get done.

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