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Civs Deutsche Afrika Korps

Civs Deutsche Afrika Korps

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Project Blog by civilcourage

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About the Project

My DAK collection, used in a recent doubles tourny with some Italian allies (Ariete armoured). A nice themed list and much fun had on the day.

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Erwin Rommel arrivesErwin Rommel arrives

Some new wheels arrive for the Leutnant

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Crew painted for the new Kubelwagon thats arrived at the frontCrew painted for the new Kubelwagon thats arrived at the front

So i splashed out on some new wheels for my commander.

Since all units must be transportable in the western desert list ive provided a Kubelwagon for my commander and accompanying AT rifle team. The passengers are complete (ish) and whilst doing them i also painted up the crew for my Marder.

Looking at th photos i need to touch up some bits on the models and give the green jackets a brighter highlight so i might come back to those later.

In the meantime i have some vehicles to paint and im treating myself to a special character, a certain Desert Fox.

For now these are the vehicles i have to get painted (see below) , whilst i would love to use an airbrush to get them done i dont have the time or space to set up and practice before applying the paint so its on with a brush instead.


The mechanised bit of my mechanised infantryThe mechanised bit of my mechanised infantry

Doubles List Decision

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1 x 2nd Lt (Vet)

3 x 6 Schutzen with 2x LMGs in each (Vet)

1 x 6 Pioneers with 1x flamethower and 1x smg (Vet)

1 x 2 AT rifle team (Vet)

1 x Panzer III Auf H (Reg)

1 x Truck (Reg)

1 x Kubelwagon (Reg)

1 x Half Track 251/1 (Reg)

So ive kept it simple and shoring up the italian armour ive got plenty or infantry with plenty of firepower.

Ive also gone with squad sizes that means i have the minimum transport requirements so no wasted points there.

Pics up soon if the army.

Doubles Tournament

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An upcoming doubles tournament  has revived this project.

We have 1600 points and my team mate will be bringing 750 of Italian mid war light tanks. So 850 points for a DAK force.

This is tournament force is proving hard to list build for, i would like to use the western desert book but the light infantry force must be completely motorised. This means im spending about 80-100 points on transport. You do however get LMGs in your infantry squads for free.

The other option is to just use the mid war lists in the generic german book which doesnt give any special rules or particular flavour but does mean i dont have to pay the transport tax (And also means im not restricted on squad sizes to squeeze them into the transports)

I need to take plenty of troops as my team mate is only bringing tanks so we need objective securing options. Im going to bring a panzer III with a medium AT so we have something heavier than the light AT the italians are bringing.

Back to the lists methinks.




Marder AT support

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So the next instalment for my German force is a Marder 2 from blitzkrieg miniatures, with perry crew (to make it look a bit cooler on the tabletop).

First step is to prime the model with army painter desert sand. Then onto the shading.

The Marder and its crewThe Marder and its crew
Well you wouldnt want to walk in the DesertWell you wouldnt want to walk in the Desert

The painted forces

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My forces so far

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Since everyone is gearing up for the bolt action boot camp i thought i would stick some pictures up of my own force, painted for a 750 point bolt action doubles tournament.

It consists of:

  • A HQ section (Vet)
  • An anti tank rifle team (Vet)
  • 2 seven man squads with LMG (Vet)
  • A light infantry gun (Vet)
  • A Panzer 3 (Regular)
  • A hanomag with 5 infantrymen with 3 SMGs (Vet)