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Perry Miniatures

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Weekender: D-Day Boot Camp Announced + WIN Batman The Miniatures Game!


We get chatting to the teams behind CoreBall, and announce a new Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp.

Perry Announce New Napoleonic French Line Infantry


Perry Miniatures has announced that a new plastic kit is on the way for Napoleonic French Line Infantry.

Perry Answer Uncle Sam’s Call As US Infantry Go To Pre-Order


Perry Miniatures have announced that their new WWII US Infantry are coming with them to Salute and are now available to pre-order from their webstore. 

New Perry World War II US Infantry Coming To Salute


Perry Miniatures has been showing off the miniatures for their new US Infantry Set.

Community Spotlight: Beautiful Fallout Terrain, Classic SLA & Prussians!


We're looking to the Post-Apocalypse and then back to the Napoleonic in this week's Community Spotlight.

Perry Miniatures Update Us On WWII US Infantry Plans


Perry Miniatures has previewed some of the upcoming World War II US Infantry they've been working on in 3Up form over on Facebook this week. 

Perry Miniatures Ride Forth With New Agincourt Mounted Knights Box


Available to pre-order now from their webstore, Perry Miniatures has been working away on some new Agincourt Mounted Knights which you can then pluck from their saddles with pinpoint archery fire. 

Bolster Your Civil War Union Infantry With Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures is dropping a lot of new American Civil War models this week and it all starts around this new plastic kit featuring Union Infantry Skirmishers In Sack Coats.

Perry Create Commanders For Your Zulu Wars British


Perry Miniatures has released two new sets of metal miniatures for those engaging in the Zulu Wars.

Perry Discuss What’s New For Their Plastic Agincourt Knights


Perry Miniatures will soon be releasing their Plastic Agincourt Knights which will give you a range of options for someone looking to field both heavily armoured and lightly armoured cavalry on the battlefields of Medieval Europe.

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