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The road to Normandy (and beyond?)

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I got bored, watched some FoW videos, and then next thing I know, I've bought two army starters.......

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Yay, paint!

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So, still waiting on some paint to show up, but I’ve got enough to get started, so I’ve started with the German tanks. First up, the command section. I started off with a spray of Vallejo grey rattle can primer. It was my first time using this stuff, and I think I have a new favourite spray primer. After that, I painted an all-over coat of VMC Dark Yellow.

Serious props to the guy that convinced the German military that mustard yellow was a good basis for a camo patternSerious props to the guy that convinced the German military that mustard yellow was a good basis for a camo pattern

Step 2 is a drybrush of VMC Buff over everything as a highlight. Nice, quick, & simple, and it looks good.

Still mustard yellow thoughStill mustard yellow though

Next up is some refractive green. For these 2, I started on the right hand side working to the left and back on the tank, and once those ‘lines’ were done, I connected them in places to break up the outline more, and make it look more random.

Baby Panzers Doo Doo Doo Doo DooBaby Panzers Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Lastly, I painted VMC Chocolate Brown on the hulls, in the opposite direction to the Refractive Green. Tried to use it to cover up some bits of the green that I wasn’t massively happy with.


So now I’m kinda at the point where I either need to wait for this crappy weather to break so I can spray the rest of these, or I need the next batch of paint I ordered to arrive, cause all I’m able to do now is work a bit more on the lines (wanna drybrush them to make them look sprayed on), and base the smaller details on the tanks. Or I can work on the Tiger hulls I guess, but I’d rather finish one platoon before moving onto the next.

Ok, now these are starting to really look legit.Ok, now these are starting to really look legit.

Taking the first steps

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So, Flames of War is a game that’s been on my radar for a while, even picked up the old starter set in college, but it’s not a game I ever really paid attention to until a week & a half ago, when I started watching unboxings & other videos to kill some time. Then my hand slipped, and wouldn’t you know it, an order was placed. That arrived today.

A 'modest' start to thingsA 'modest' start to things

So I picked up the Panzer Kampfgruppe & Desert Rats Squadron boxes for the Germans & British respectively. There’s 100 points in each box, which as far as I can tell is the new standard, which is pretty sweet for how cheap they are. A mate of mine is interested, and they do a cheap set of 2d D-Day terrain, so that’s a goal to work for, and thanks to Pete The Wargamer on youtube, one that looks very quick & easy to achieve. Weather right now’s pretty rotten, and these definitely seem the kind of minis that are easier painted in sub assemblies, so next step is to take my time, plan things out, and then work in a disciplined, organised fashion……..

Or that works too, I guess.Or that works too, I guess.