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The Mandalorian and Child

The Mandalorian and Child

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About the Project

I bought this model from a fellow Star Wars Legion player. It seems he had to 3d print a batch - the Mandalorian is popular at the moment! Not sure how I'll get him into my Legion army, but if I can't get him in that's fine - he looks damn cool!

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The Mandalorian and Child

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So, this model cropped up on the Facebook Star Wars Legion group. The chap had 3d printed the model, and a few of us asked if he could run us off copies. The chap kindly obliged.

So, firstly, for scale, here is Din next to Bossk. He looks a great fit.

“Baby Yoda” is just so teeny!

The Mandalorian was pinned to a base for painting – I need to sort out a proper base for the two mini’s.

The Child was glued to an mdf base. I only put a tiny dab of glue so I can remove him later if need be.

Both were washed, then given a thinned black undercoat. I then lightly dry-brushed Din to pick out highlights for easier painting.


Warcolours = WC

Games Workshop = GW

Vallejo Model Colour = VMC

Vallejo Game Colour = VGC


I decided on a “season 1” scheme for Din (reference pic below), so I gave his cloak a thinned coat of blue 5 (WC) , his clothes are Olive 5 (WC) , the armour is red 5 (WC) and the metals are black metal (WC).

For the Child I use Green 5 (WC) for the skin and olive drab (VMC) for the clothes. I gave these a quick highlight of German camo beige (VMC).

I looked back at the reference pics, and decided the Child needed to be a little lighter, so I overbrushed with a 50/50 mix of Emerald 5 (WC) and Ochre 1 (WC). The details meant the recesses stayed darker – which was nice!

I touched up the highlights on the clothes with some Stone grey (VMC).

The eyes are just Abaddon Black (GW). I might add a highlight – that’s TBC.

Moving on to Mando – there’s a lot to cover!

I noticed his right pauldron was in the edged style he acquired later, so I covered this with Boltgun Metal (GW) and highlighted in Mithril silver (GW). I went back over the helmet with the same colours – trying to ensure the raised areas stood out.

The cloak is lightly highlighted with Blue 3 (WC). This was thinned a little and applied a couple of times. The fatigues were highlighted in a 75/25 mix of Olive 5 (WC) and Ochre 1 (WC). This was then repeated with a 50/50 mix. I then applied a thin coat of Olive 5 over the all the fatigues to tome the highlights down.

The gloves were painted German Camo Black Brown (VMC), leaving the recesses black. The finger tips were painted Averland Sunset (GW), highlighted with Yriel Yellow (GW). I applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade (GW), but I think this needs to be tidied up some more – maybe a heavier shade applied too.

The rifle tip was painted Boltgun metal (GW), and the stock Dryad Bark (GW). These need highlighting.

The boots, bandolier and holster were given a coat of Snakebite leather Contrast (GW). I know – contrast paint – It’s the ONLY one I own! I then lightly drybrushed the boots with German Camo Beige (GW).  I then re-touched the rounds in the bandolier and his leg strap with boltgun (GW) and Mithril (GW).

The Holster and bandolier were touched up with thinned Dryad Bark (GW).

All the “red” armour was given a coat of Red Ink (WC) to help bring some colour back. I added some simple chipping (black with silver). It doesn’t look right to me, so I either need to add more on the upper armour (since he got shot – a lot) and hope it ties everything together, or remove it all.

I think that’s everything so far. More to follow…….


So, I went back and added another coat of red ink (WC) on the armour. It does make it look a little better to the eye (if not the camera).

The bases arrived, so I started on those – I coated these in Khaki (VGC), then applied a thin wash of Agrellan Earth (GW). I then drybrushed in Khaki (VGC), washed them again. Then did another drybrush of Khaki before a final dry-brush of Terminatus Stone (GW).

The skull (which you can barely see in the pics), was painted Terminatus Stone (GW), washed with Agrellan Earth (GW) and then drybrushed in  Terminatus Stone again. I wanted it to looked very dry and bleached out, and this seems to work.

I’m happy enough with the final result – I just need to figure out the best way to use him in Legion. I’m thinking of using him as a “Boba” variant – you know, a Mandalorian simply doing his job of excising the Jedi and the Rebels from the Galactic Empires galaxy.

Comments and critiques are always welcome!

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