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Flintloque: Tales from the Witchlands

Flintloque: Tales from the Witchlands

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About the Project

Flintloque is a game of Fantasy armies clashing in the pseudo Napoleonic world of Valon. The Ferach Elf Emperor Mordred has outlawed Wylde Magicke and set his armourers to the task of forging new weapons. The Flintloque Musket. With these terrible new weapons of war, Mordred has brought his Imperial wrath down on Valon and following early successes has set his sights of the domain of the Dark Tsar, The perpetually frozen Witchlands to the North. I have just started building my collection for Flintloque and aim to play through the scenarios in the starter set and core rulebooks that follow the war in the Witchlands. It'll be a mix of miniature showcase, terrain building and battle reports.

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Flintloque Unboxing: Escape the Dark Czar

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I finally managed to get round to sorting out a YouTube channel and upload a video of the Escape the Dark Czar Starter set. I’ve gone through the contents of the box, a quick overview of the world and an introduction to the ruleset.


I’m about half way through editing a play through of the first scenario from the starter; Awake you slumbering dogs! And posting that too.


Hope you all enjoy it and if you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to ask here or in YouTube 😁

Escape the Dark Tsar

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Flintloque: Escape the Dark Tsar contentsFlintloque: Escape the Dark Tsar contents

Following their bitter retreat from Moskova, General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux and his three fellow survivors attempt to evade death and escape from the Witchlands. On their heels are a group of Savant Zombies, the finest Undead in the ranks of the Dark Czar, who are led by Captain Preserovitch. Their task is to capture the golden eagle standard carried by the young Elven drummer boy Ayers Quinte de Toux. Will the survivors outwit the living dead?

The Flintloque: Escape the Dark Tsar starter set contains two forces of models and a twenty page booklet containing the core rules of Flintloque the Skirmish which will get you playing as well as character profiles and scenarios that teach you how to play the game.

The models are Resin and are really wonderful little castings. I used predominantly contrast paints to get the base colours on and then washed and highlighted them from there.

Ferach Elves

Captain Preserovitch's Savant Zombies

Scenario Scenery

Escape the Dark Tsar

KGB Liche Stalinov 😁

Escape the Dark Tsar

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