Atomic Mass Preview More 2020 Marvel: Crisis Protocol Heroes

December 6, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games are at PAX Unplugged this weekend and they are taking the opportunity to show off some new models coming your way for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which we've had on the table recently and are very much enjoying. We start with Green Goblin!

Green Goblin - Atomic Mass Games

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This model is looking great and I love that he comes equipped with his trademark glider and pumpkin bombs. I really want to put together a scenario where you're chasing him through the skyline of New York, racing between buildings and playing on a higher level than you'd normally work with.

Apologise for the terrible quality of images but they have been dragged from the depths of the internet. This one does show off another member of the Black Order with Ebony Maw looking to take command of things on the tabletop. He will also be twinned with Black Dwarf so you'll have quite the beast to throw into the mix against the Avengers.

Ebony Maw - Atomic Mass Games

From here we move onto a few more interesting options as Drax has been combined with the Ronan The Accuser set which will be coming in 2020 as part of a later phase. He does seem to be very still though, so still that he's...invisible.

Drax Tease & Ronan The Accuser - Atomic Mass Games

It is awesome to see a more comic take on Ronan though here, commanding things with his mighty hammer and being a perfect foe to put up against Drax. It's nice to see that the Guardians Of The Galaxy are going to be combined as part of a more themed set of releases.

Finally, we have some more heroes to add into the mix with a set that includes Hawkeye looking like a total badass and a new version of Agent Black Widow with her wrist blasters. This is going to be the first alternative model in the mix to coincide with the new movie being released in 2020. I love the little nod towards Hydra on the base too!

Hawkeye & Black Widow - Atomic Mass Games

Things are looking good for those who want to create the full Avengers roster and also dive into clashes with both Thanos and his minions and those scraps taking place further afield. A smart man would guess that they're going to be working towards some kind of narrative/campaign-style set of scenarios based around the Mad Titan and his exploits.

Talking of going to different places there's also a set of new Cosmic Terrain coming too!

Cosmic Terrain - Atomic Mass Games

Now I certainly want to be throwing people into all of this stuff! Time to blow things up and have fun with science that we don't understand!

What do you think of these new teasers?

"He does seem to be very still though, so still that he's...invisible"

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