The Dockland Queen Joins Mythos From Paranoid Miniatures

January 25, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

The guys at Paranoid Miniatures are at it again, releasing their latest 3D sculpt for Mythos - and it may be my favourite yet. Just look at the details on her back with the fish net and crabs crawling around on her!

PM dockland queen mini1

As always, they've done an amazing job of breathing life int the mini and remaining true to the fabulous art from Shane Cook.

PM docklands queen art

The Dockland Queen is the second design to join the ranks for The Hidden Ones and is the leader of the faction. This undead crone is a powerful arcanist and puppet to Eleenar, a Mythos infused crustacean that bores into the skull of her victims taking control of them and animating their body.

If that wasn't enough, she also has a powerful psychic link with the other members of her faction. This is definitely something to keep in mind when taking her on as she has protection of Click Clack. After all, you might think she is an easy target, being an old lady and all, but when her snarl becomes a smirk watch your back! It's highly likely that a giant Mythos infused crab is tearing towards you for hurting his mum.

PM docklands queen three

The guys are really pleased with the results of Raul Tavares' hard work and now move on to her Familiar, the Angler, but what we are all waiting for is seeing this faction reach its completion with the addition of the final character Click Clack, a giant crab on a 60mm base.

PM Click Clack

I cannot wait to see that big guy!

What do you think of the crabby old Dockland Queen?

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