Face Those Shunned By The Moon In Werewolf: The Forsaken

July 12, 2019 by dracs

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Onyx Path have released a new PDF supplement for Werewolves: The Forsaken, filled with new adversaries for your lupine characters to go up against.

When you're playing a barely controlled beast, a being of nightmares for humanity for centuries, you have to wonder: What gives a nightmare nightmares?

The Shunned By The Moon supplement contains:

  • A rich cast of monstrous creatures suitable for Werewolf: The ForsakenBeast: The Primordial, and other Chronicles of Darkness games.
  • Thorough examinations of the culture, practices, and abilities of the Pure, the Bale Hounds, and other depraved werewolves.
  • Threats from the world of spirits, including void spirits, spirit-ridden, and new Hosts such as the Children of Termite, the Wasp Hosts, and the Toad Hosts, among many more.
  • Human antagonist groups fit to take on any pack of werewolves or direct their attentions against other supernatural foes.
  • New, terrifying idigam and Father Wolf’s first attempt at predators, the Geryo.
  • An accessible how-to guide on running your first chronicles of Werewolf, including how to incorporate many of the creatures introduced in this book.
    - Onyx Path Publishing

All in all, this looks to be a pretty exciting addition to the game and one which will serve to both enhance your games and give you an interesting starting place for getting your chronicle started.

What sort of things would you place in the path of your werewolf players? 

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