Mantic’s Holiday Hellboy Lend’s Santa A Stony Hand

December 3, 2018 by dracs

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Mantic Games have announced that this year, to celebrate both the upcoming Hellboy board game and the Christmas season, they are working with Dark Horse Comics to release a special Holiday Hellboy.

Measuring around 6cm tall, this game piece is digitally sculpted and then handcrafted by Mantic's resin team.

It certainly a very Mignola take on the jolly man in red. Krampus better watch out.

In the press release, Mantic's CEO Ronnie Renton had this to say about the figure:

“Following the huge success of the Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter earlier this year, we really wanted to celebrate with something cool and unique. When we came across this piece of amazing artwork, we just knew we had to get it sculpted and made. Making it available in superb quality resin will capture the wonderful quality of Mike Mignola’s
artwork perfectly.”

I am a big fan of Mignola's very stylised art, and think that this sculpt knocks it out of the park.

The model is more than just a nice display piece, coming with a BPRD Agent Card to use in Hellboy: The Board Game.

Holiday Hellboy looks like a very fun addition to the BPRD team roster and one I would love to see some seasonal scenarios for. Hellboy has had more than a few Christmas themed stories in the past, and there are more than enough dark and ghostly traditions associated with the holiday to fuel a few more.

The miniature will be available to order from now until the end of December from Mantic Games and their participating stockists.

Can you think of a  winter festival story that might need Red's attention?

"Krampus better watch out."

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