New Marvel: Crisis Protocol Cosmic Releases Sighted

May 7, 2020 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games look to be powering up to release a bunch of new Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures into the mix for those clamouring to play more of this heroic battler. We start with some heroes as there is going to be a duel pack featuring Black Widow & Hawkeye.

Hawkeye & Black Widow - Atomic Mass Games

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This set features a new take on Black Widow, building on the model that you'll know from the Core Box. Both of the models here are designed to fit their role as Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and I think they look rather cool. It would be rather awesome to see them dropped into a game alongside the rest of the Avengers as they tackle Hydra and their machinations.

Going Cosmic

As well as the new additions for more earthly conflicts, we also have the release of some cosmic creations as Atomic Mass Games look further afield. Here we finally have the pack which includes Drax, completing the line up for the Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Ronan The Accuser, his nemesis.

-5eb3bb433ccdd--5eb3bb433ccdeDrax & Ronan The Accuser - Atomic Mass Games.jpg

Both models are looking great and help those wanting to play out those clashes from Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. I think it would be rather fun to fight out the clash aboard Ronan's ship as you try and bring it down and save the planet below.

With the addition of Ronan into the mix, you've also got more servants of Thanos. Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw are also stomping into battle on the tabletop, ready to clash with the Avengers in the streets of New York or on some far-flung planet.

Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw - Atomic Mass Games

This pairing then works well alongside Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive to give you the perfect allies for Thanos as he stomps around the galaxy looking to dominate all life. You will soon be able to play out the epic clashes from Infinity War and End Game if you want to do a themed scenario.

Talking of Thanos, the big boy is also coming to the tabletop soon in his own set.

-5eb3bb469f01d--5eb3bb469f01eThanos - Atomic Mass Games.jpg

This model comes with the big throne that you see here, turning the model into a diorama piece. You can also make him with a few different options too, either with the Infinity Gauntlet powered up or unclaimed. I am sure that he is going to be one hell of a villain to try and tackle and you can use him in your regular games too. I look forward to seeing just how he shakes up the meta for the game!

Finally, to make sure that you've got some themed landscape to fight across, there is also the Cosmic Terrain Pack which gives you plenty of bits and pieces for jazzing up your tabletop. You no longer have to just play around on Earth!

Cosmic Terrain Pack - Atomic Mass Games

As well as being great as set dressing, this selection of terrain would also be fun for scenarios and you could also throw a few of your foes into generators and stuff too! I do like a dynamic game where you can toss people around like ragdolls.

All of these goodies should be coming out very soon indeed so let us know if you'll be diving in!

"All of these goodies should be coming out very soon indeed so let us know if you'll be diving in!"

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