The Winter Guard Are Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

June 27, 2022 by brennon

The Winter Guard, Russia's answer to The Avengers, are going to be hitting the tabletop soon from the folks at Atomic Mass Games. Will you be using them as a team in your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol or will you split them up amongst the rest of your collection?

Winter Guard - Marvel Crisis Protocol

The Winter Guard // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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Folks will probably be most aware of the Alexei Shostakov version of the Red Guardian (pictured in the centre) thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Black Widow movie. But, this team is more than just the red-suited fellow with a shield.

The team is made up of four members so far with Ursa Major and Red Guardian in one pack and Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar in the other.

Ursa Major & Red Guardian - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Ursa Major & Red Guardian // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

In this incarnation of Red Guardian, we have Nikolai Krylenko taking up the mantle. He uses a modified vibranium shield just like Captain America and is now the eighth individual to wear the uniform of the Red Guardian. Previous to this, he fought as Vanguard alongside his sister, Darkstar.

Ursa Major is one Mikhail Ursus who has the ability to turn into a huge bear. Werebears are cool at the best of times so having one in a superhero team is even cooler. It is going to be interesting working in all that fur texture when it comes to painting the miniature.

Now for the second pack!

Crimson Dynamo & Darkstar - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Crimson Dynamo & Darkstar // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Crimson Dynamo is the current leader of the Winter Guard and wears a suit of power armour that makes him quite the hard nut to crack. It would be interesting to see him square off against his equivalent within The Avengers; Crimson Dynamo powering up and clashing with Iron Man.

You also have Darkstar who is able to shape pure dark energy into powerful blasts that can sunder pretty much anything that comes up against her. She did actually defect to the US to fight as part of the Black Widow's strike force at one point but is now back amongst The Winter Guard to tell new stories.

It will be interesting to see if this is all of The Winter Guard members that we get as there are others out there. But, for now, this might work as a neat set to pit against The Avengers in a classic scrap.

Are you tempted by The Winter Guard for use in Crisis Protocol?

"...this might work as a neat set to pit against The Avengers in a classic scrap"

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