Reaper Miniatures Release Their Christmas Line-Up

December 14, 2020 by brennon

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Reaper Miniatures has released their selection of Christmas Miniatures for you to snap up during the festive period. There is a nice mix here featuring some classic miniatures from throughout the years. There should be something for everyone!

Christmas Eve - Reaper Miniatures

Christmas Eve // Reaper Miniatures

One of the best miniatures (in my opinion) from their Christmas range is Eve here. She looks like she'd be an awesome spellcaster to drop into your games. Running with the nature theme she could work as a Druid particularly well but she could also just be a spiffing Wizard too. Paint her in some alternative colours and she wouldn't have to be winter-themed either!

If you prefer to defend Christmas with a sword in hand then you've also got the Christmas Knight as well from years past.

Christmas Knight - Reaper Miniatures

Christmas Knight // Reaper Miniatures

This fellow would certainly make a good Fighter or Paladin in your Dungeons & Dragons games. He has a rather splendid beard which I think needs to have a few streaks of grey in it to make him look more distinguished!

This Christmas collection from Reaper Miniatures is pretty extensive and covers all manner of interesting bits and bobs. There are a few monsters, plenty of heroes and even a selection of little vignettes which feature cute characters like the Mouslings.

Holiday Mouslings - Reaper Miniatures

Holiday Mouslings // Reaper Miniatures

Who could say no to this fun little scene? These miniatures would be nice to share with friends and family who are into the hobby and want some alternative Christmas decorations I think. It would be cool to paint up a bunch of sets like this and then dot them over the mantlepiece and shelves rather than your traditional holly and tinsel.

Make sure to go and check out the HUGE list of releases and let us know what has caught your eye!

Are you going to be doing some Christmas-themed tabletop gaming this year?

"Are you going to be doing some Christmas-themed tabletop gaming this year?"

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