Red Box Games Expand Their Warbands Of The Cold North On Kickstarter

August 7, 2017 by brennon

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Red Box Games has hit Kickstarter once again to fund a new Warband Of The Cold North for their growing Fantasy collection. This time the focus is on some new Dwarves to add into their collection.

Warbands Of The Cold North

The campaign is now fully funded with just a few days left for you to get involved. This is a quick look at everything they have managed to fund so far...

Warband Of The Cold North Dwarves

As you can imagine this has got me quite excited. There's a nice selection here that would be awesome for creating warbands in all manner of games. Each of the models is to 28mm scale and cast in metal to get a great amount of detail out of the sculpts for painters.

I also picked out some of my favourites to show off from their Kickstarter page including their wise friend and counsel, Alvahildr The White.

Alvahildr The White

Maybe you're getting a Snow White vibe from this warband of Dwarves too? I like the idea of Tre Manor taking this concept and running with it in a High Fantasy way for his collection of models.

Here we also have Noble Agnar...

Noble Agnar

...and Huntsman Almknut who are going to be taking to the front line and scouting ahead to look for danger when they're on the road.

Huntsman Almknut

Do you think that you're going to be diving into this collection in search of your next big painting project?

Let us know in the comments below...

"Maybe you're getting a Snow White vibe from this warband of Dwarves too?"

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