Check Out The Stunning Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures On Kickstarter

September 28, 2017 by brennon

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Ninja Division and Paizo have teamed up on Kickstarter to bring to life the Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures collection for your role-playing games set in their Sci-Fi RPG.

Starfinder Miniatures

The project is aiming to supply you with stunning resin miniatures for you to use as heroes, foes, and even vehicles to travel in whilst you're diving into this hit role-playing game from Paizo.

Painted Starfinder Miniatures

These miniatures above were painted by the astute hand of Angel Giraldez and show off just how amazing these miniatures look when they've been finished for your adventures. As you might imagine with a Kickstarter there is plenty to get your hands on and the collections break down into Heroes...


...and Encounter Packs which focus on the enemies you're going to be facing on the tabletop during your adventures.

Encounter Packs

I really like that they've taken the time to bring some of the enemies into the fold as well as the heroes. It means that you're not having your Sci-Fi warriors fighting against Fantasy models! You can also get some big mini-bosses and bosses for you to throw into the mix.


As interesting focuses for your storytelling and narrative development as you're exploring the galaxy these seem perfect. I can't wait to see the model for Ksarik! You can also get your hands on some fleet models as well to throw into the mix when you head off into the depths of space.


Plenty of fascinating models are taking shape in their Add-On and Stretch Goal sections too so the range is going to expanding at quite the rate one imagines over the course of the campaign.

Will you be diving into this?

"...there is plenty to get your hands on!"

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