Delve Into The Bestiary For Free League’s Dragonbane RPG

February 28, 2024 by brennon

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If you're looking for new foes to throw against the heroes in your Dragonbane campaign, how about snapping up the new Bestiary from Free League Publishing? This book is now available for you to scoop up!

Bestiary - Dragonbane

Bestiary // Dragonbane

This book comes with a whole host of awesome new monsters for you to run into during your games of Dragonbane. All of these have been illustrated and brought to life in the book by Johan Egerkrans and David Brasgalla. The creatures that you'll run into can be fascinating Cat People...

Cat People - Dragonbane

Cat People // Dragonbane

...or something as wild and dangerous as a Blood Demon. Each of the creatures in the books features their own rules for use in combat alongside a random encounter and a seed for a full adventure. There are also playable kin for you to dive into with their own unique abilities.

Blood Demon - Dragonbane

Blood Demon // Dragonbane

From the big to the small, there are some stunning new foes for you to face. I am very intrigued by the coming of the terrifying Ancient Dragon that might be just as big as the mountain that you're traversing as you can see below!

Ancient Dragon - Dragonbane

Ancient Dragon // Dragonbane

It should also be noted that the art from the book will be familiar to those who might have dived into Drakar och Demoner in 2016. Now it has been added into the mix for a whole new audience in English.

If you want some standees to go with this book then make sure to get the Monsters Standee Set!

Will you be getting stuck into this new Bestiary for Dragonbane?

"If you want some standees to go with this book then make sure to get the Monsters Standee Set!"

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