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Unboxing: Dragonbane Bestiary | Free League Publishing

2 weeks ago 2

Gerry takes a look inside the impressive Dragonbane Bestiary from Free League Publishing for their fantastic Fantasy roleplaying game that might be a good way for you to step away from D&D and try something new.

Delve Into The Bestiary For Free League’s Dragonbane RPG


If you're looking for new foes to throw against the heroes in your Dragonbane campaign, how about snapping up the new Bestiary from Free League Publishing? This book is now available for you to scoop up!

MyMiniFactory Adventures With Titan Forge & Free League


MyMiniFactory's monthly subscription service is getting an overhaul and relaunches to-day as The Adventure in collaboration with two of the best known names in the industry, Titan Forge and Free League Publishing to offer up not just an adventure but a whole campaign over the next twelve months!

Unboxing: Dragonbane Core Set – Free League Publishing

5 months ago 9

Gerry dives into an unboxing and review of the Dragonbane Roleplaying Game Core Set that you can use to get started with some Fantasy roleplaying with Free League Publishing.

Face New Monstrous Foes In Free League’s Dragonbane Bestiary


Free League Publishing has announced pre-orders for an excellent book to enhance your adventures in their Fantasy roleplaying game, Dragonbane. Dare you face more of the deadly foes that you find within the Dragonbane Bestiary?

Free League Publishing Announce Updated OGL For Creators


Free League Publishing is the next company to announce that they will update their OGL for creators wanting to produce content that works alongside their Year Zero Engine and the soon-to-be-released Dragonbane (Drakar och Demoner) Fantasy roleplaying game.

Dragonbane RPG Designer Round Table | Free League Publishing Interview

2 years ago 5

Gerry talks with some of the creative team behind the newest edition of the hit Swedish Fantasy roleplaying game, Dragonbane / Drakar och Demoner from Free League Publishing.

Dragonbane Kickstarter Launches From Free League Publishing!


Drakar och Demoner/Dragonbane from the folks at Free League Publishing has now launched on Kickstarter and unsurprisingly, the campaign has exploded and is already funded quite substantially!

Free League’s Dragonbane RPG Kickstarter Launching 30th August!


Free League Publishing's new Kickstarter for the hit Swedish Fantasy roleplaying game, Drakar och Demoner is going to be launching on 30th August. Next week can't come soon enough for this roleplaying game that is also going to be getting its first release in English as Dragonbane!

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