Create Your Fellowship With The One Ring RPG Kickstarter

February 17, 2021 by brennon

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The One Ring Roleplaying Game is now on Kickstarter from Free League Publishing and designer Francesco Nepitello offering you a great way to dive back into the world of Middle-earth and form your own Fellowship of adventurers.

The One Ring Core Rulebook - Free League Publishing

The One Ring Core Rulebook // Free League Publishing

At the heart of the campaign is the new amazing looking rulebook. It features absolutely gorgeous new artwork which presents a fascinating snapshot of Middle-earth through a little bit of a darker lens. It's certainly more Bakshi than Jackson.

As well as featuring a new art style throughout, the book also features updated and streamlined rules which have been tweaked thanks to feedback from the previous edition. The setting of the game has also shifted slightly. Still set during the twilight of The Third Age, you will have the chance to adventure in the Lone-lands of Eriador but also the lands of Old Arnor where you'll find familiar landmarks such as Bree or Weathertop. This gives you a more instantly recognisable starting location for your campaigns.

Much like with the original bespoke rules, the game will use its own system which aims to ape the feel of the books, both The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. You'll find tense, dice driven action as well as rules for journeys and travelling in Middle-earth plus meeting distinguished figures and listening to their council.

A New Starter Set

As well as the Core Rulebook, you can also pick up a new Starter Set from Free League Publishing too.

The One Ring Starter Set - Free League Publishing

The One Ring Starter Set // Free League Publishing

This Starter Set will feature a set of condensed rules meaning that you can get going without much hassle. You'll also find pre-generated characters which you can use to dive in and an adventure which is written by seasoned RPG write James Spahn.

As you'll have no doubt seen, it also comes with that stunning map of The Shire (where the action is located), dice, cards, tokens for enemies and much more. It looks like a wonderful snapshot of Middle-earth which is evocative enough to already have me yearning for it like The Ring itself!

Stretch Goals Galore

A lot of the options that you see here have been added into the mix thanks to backers unlocking a plethora of Stretch Goals...

The One Ring Stretch Goals - Free League Publishing

The One Ring Stretch Goals // Free League Publishing

This is what has made this such an interesting prospect to dive in on! It's hard not to be won over by all the pretty Middle-earth bits and pieces they have added into the mix which are not just enhancements to the core products but also nice "trinkets" to aid in gameplay.

If you're interested in seeing what is on the cards for the 5th Edition Adventures In Middle-earth range you will have to wait a bit. The focus is on The One Ring at the moment and delivering that more system but it hasn't been forgotten.

This looks like a beautiful roleplaying game at the very least and the original The One Ring rules were very well regarded. It's neat to see it coming back to the tabletop.

Are you ready for another adventure? 

"Are you ready for another adventure? "

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