Salute 2023 – Are You Ready For Tomorrow?

April 21, 2023 by brennon

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Salute 2023 is coming this year, Saturday 22nd April 2023! We are going to be there at the ExCel Centre in London doing our traditional Live Blogging where we chat with all the vendors and designers but we'd also love to see you there as well.

Salute 2023

Salute 2023 - Grab Your Tickets Here

Salute 2023 Traders & Games List

Salute 2023 is set up to be a pretty massive one with over 120 UK and International Traders coming to the event. There are also going to be over eighty demo and participation games for you to get involved in. Special Guest Panels will also be held with Q&As during the day and there will be chances to win prizes AND check out that epic painting competition that we see every year.

OnTableTop @ Salute 2023

OnTableTop are going to be at Salute 2023 this year covering the event. Make sure to join us as part of the Live Blog over the weekend as we share photo galleries of some of the best looking tables and the most awesome traders who have turned up this year.

Salute 2023 Live Blog (COMING SOON)

Make sure to then keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we're going to be putting out some of our video interviews via Cult Of Games and the like. It will also be awesome to see you here if you're out and about.

Salute 2023 Limited Edition Miniature [Update]

The newest update from the South London Warlords is that we're going to be seeing a rather fancy limited edition miniature popping up for those who attend Salute 50.

Salute 50 Limited Edition Miniature - Salute 2023

Salute 50 Limited Edition Miniature // Salute 2023

This miniature is shown toasting fifty years of "looting and tabletop gaming and looks like he's ready to go for another fifty!". The miniature was designed by Warlord Games and will be available in Warlord Resin Plus. That's the new material from Warlord that doesn't need primer to paint which is worth putting to the test yourself.

The miniature here was painted by Kev Dallimore in two styles. You've got one that he is known for (above) and then the second (below) that is painted using Army PAinter Speedpaints.

Salute 50 Limited Edition Miniature Alt - Salute 2023

Salute 50 Limited Edition Miniature // Salute 2023

You'll be able to pick this miniature up from Salute 2023 this year and learn more about it on the day. Make sure to dive into the show guide to learn more about it when you get a chance to read it. I like that they've gone with a mighty Dark Age warrior laden down with weapons and the spoils of war. I think it makes sense considering the number of treasures that people end up taking away from Salute with them.

Salute 2023 Hobby Heroes Announced

The folks behind Salute have dropped some new information on the Hobby Heroes panels

Salute Hobby Heroes - South London Warlords

These are going to be running throughout the day this year...

  • Building the Battlefield: Terrain Chat - 10:30-11:10 - Wargaming tables are dominated by skyscrapers, mountains, forests and war-torn battlefields, igniting your imagination. Find out the secrets to making your tabletops pop!
  • The Secrets of Game Design - 11:30-12:10 - Our panel of wargame writers and designers delve into the secrets of game design. What makes a good game great? How do you balance smooth mechanics with thematic rules? Where’s the best place to start with your own ruleset?
  • Competitive Hobby Heroes - 12:30-13:10 - Our all-star panel of guests discusses the highs and lows of competitive wargaming, discussing tactics, stratagems, amazing victories, and glorious defeats.
  • Women in Wargaming - 13:30 - 14:10 - Wargaming is traditionally a largely male-dominated hobby, but the number of female gamers and tabletop strategists is on the up! Our panellists discuss discovering the community, their accomplishments, the progress that's been made and the tasks that still remain to grow the hobby.
  • Hobbyist Heroes - 14:30-15:10 - Our all-star panel of guests discusses the state of wargaming in 2023, and answers your questions about painting, gaming and other topics!

The guests for each of these panels haven't been announced yet but it will be interesting to check these out and how they go! A new, fun addition to Salute for 2023.

If this has already grabbed your attention then make sure to keep an eye on social media for more from Salute 2023.

Salute 2023 / South London Warlords - Facebook

Salute 2023 / South London Warlords - Twitter

Salute 2023 / South London Warlords - Instagram

Salute 2023 kicks off on Saturday 22nd April 2023 at 10am and we can't wait to see what they have planned for 2023 and this 50th show.

You can check out our previous coverage of Salute HERE and get yourself hyped for another year of awesomeness down in London at the ExCel Centre.

Are you coming to Salute 2023?

"Salute 2023 is set up to be a pretty massive one with over 120 UK and International Traders coming to the event..."

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