Four New Heroes Join The Fighting In Fallen Frontiers

January 17, 2017 by brennon

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Fallen Frontiers is welcoming some new heroes to the four different factions. Let's see what Scale75 have in store starting off with ARES and Ishann "Operator 472"...



This fellow looks like the kind of reliable soldier you'd want by your side on the battlefield. Wearing some big heavy armour and wielding a rather mighty gun too I don't think you'd want to mess with him.

Sticking with the realm of humanity and looking to the Sayx now we also have Bianca Carlsson who has left ranged combat behind in favour of melee.

Bianca Carlsson

Bianca Carlsson (Rear)

Dropping the big heavy armour for something that's easier to move in sounds like the best way to approach sword fighting in a Sci-Fi world. I'm glad that they've kept a nice logical style to the armour, which actually has somewhat of an archaic look to it.

We now move onto the aliens and the strange in Fallen Frontiers. Leading the way is Sihlas Fenn from my favourite faction, the Riff.



Now that is a rather epic looking warrior. I love the style of the Riff with those rocks sprouting from his back and the feral look on his face. I imagine that armoured fist could punch through a man and the blade is for finishing off his foes.

Last but not least we have the rather foreboding named Despair.



The Harvesters are meant to be quite the mysterious and dark faction and it certainly shows in the design of their characters. I like that while they have clearly kept a sense of her femininity here they haven't gone down the route of making her wear skin tight armour, in favour of something more practical.

Which character is your favourite?

"Leading the way is Sihlas Fenn from my favourite faction, the Riff..."

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