Command Your Own Fleet In Star Wars Armada.

December 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Fantasy Flight Games has ramped up the information for their upcoming game Star Wars Armada. If you have been following us since GenCon 2014, you will know that we were able to get in a demo game. This is Fantasy Flight Games answer to X-Wing with capital ships and their own fighter squadrons. This time they give us an inside look into customizing your fleet to achieve total victory.

Armada Game

As with many games, you get a points total to spend on upgrades, crews and commanders. The typical game starts with 300 points per player and if you spend less points than your opponent you will get to decide who has initiative. With those points you have to frugal on what you choose, otherwise you might find yourself with a smaller and under-equipped fleet. So you think you want Luke Skywalker to lead your fighter squadrons to achieve better result?

Luke Skywalker xwing squadron

Well, it is going to cost you. There is a lot strategy in this game with some resource management. It will give you that fleet commander point of view on how best to prepare your fleet going into battle. Speaking of preparing your fleet, do you need better armour or weapons? How about a dynamic figure to motivate your personnel?

Leia Organa Enhanced Armament Dodonnas Pride

There is a card for that and it will cost you. Who is going to command your fleet? In the basic set you get Grand Moff Tarkin or General Dodonna to take the helm.

Grand Moff Tarkin General Dodonna

Ready for another twist? During your pre-game set up you have to pick three different objectives cards and your opponent picks one of these objectives and this is the basis of the game that you are now playing.

Assemble Your Fleet

There is even more depth with this game as you can expand your fleet with other ships large and small. There are some more ships planned for future releases and I for one cannot wait to see what is instore for the future.

Expansion Ships

Are you prepared to take command of your own fleet?

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