Knight Models Tease Us With a Batman Villain Who Broke the Mold

September 26, 2013 by dracs

One of Batman's most dangerous villains looks set to get the miniature treatment from Knight Models. Are your ready for the début of the great Clayface!

Today Knight Models put this comic image on their Facebook.


There have been many Clayfaces throughout the history of the Batman franchise. The one shown here is apparently the second iteration, Matt Hagen.

Clayface's body is highly malleable, allowing him to shape shift into any form he wishes. In his natural state he is practically indestructible, making him one of the more dangerous super-villains faced by the Dark Knight.

Hopefully the miniature itself will follow the style of the art piece they have used to tease us with as it should be a very imposing sculpt, much larger than any of the Batman models which we have seen previously.

Is there a Batman character you particularly want to see Knight Models bring to the tabletop?

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