New Micro Art Studio Oval Battle Bases Frame Your Models

June 15, 2017 by brennon

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The team at Micro Art Studio has a new range of Battle Bases for you to check out with a selection of Oval offerings and more for an array of their collections. We'll start off with the weirdest and their Possessed Bases!

B04060 Possessed Bases Oval 60mm

They are offering up these weird and warped bases which would be good for larger monsters and cavalry in both 60mm and 90mm.

B04090 Possessed Bases Oval 90mm

I like the idea of using these for the models in your Chaos warbands in Age of Sigmar. You could see them working for Tzeentchian forces on the tabletop as they weave magic which is tearing the world apart.

Factories & Wastelands

Back and grounded in reality we also have some new additions to both the Wasteland and Old Factory collection.

B01690 Old Factory Bases Oval 90mm

This fallen masonry featuring a broken landscape would work well in your grimdark future games but also during World War II. Maybe you could set up a machine gun crew on one of these as they take shelter in the shattered ruins of an old building.

Heading out into the badlands and facing off against the beasts that lay beyond the horizon these Wasteland bases could work for a Mad Max-style scenario on the tabletop.

B02890 Wasteland Bases Oval 90mm

You could, of course, drop some Ork Bikers onto these and have them tearing across the cracked earth towards their next target. You can also pick up some round bases in 50mm for some of your larger warriors too.

B02831 Wasteland Bases Round 50mm

With Dark Age being a fantastic prospect at the moment you could really see these bases working for that. With their colourful miniatures range the dull colours of the wasteland would be the perfect frame for them.

Temple Time

Last but not least we've delved into a Temple with some more of their round bases.

B01031 Temple Bases Round 50mm

The shattered temple landscape here would be a nice basis for your Warmachine & Hordes models I reckon. There is a lot of Retribution of Scyrah kit out there right now and I think they'd work nicely on these kind of bases.

Make sure to delve deeper into their collection as they have all manner of great sculpted bases to check out.

What do you think of the new choices?

"You could see them working for Tzeentchian forces on the tabletop as they weave magic which is tearing the world apart..."

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