Plast Craft Games Sort Out Your Infinity Terrain Worries

September 11, 2013 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have some fantastic looking terrain for you to use with Infinity. In fact the terrain has essentially been made FOR the game! See what you think of the modules below...

Modular Building Set


Containers Set

The terrain is designed to be like a hab-block, dropped onto a planet to help with terraforming work. If it was real this is the kind of thing that companies would undoubtedly look at because it can be mixed and matched to suit any circumstances. Thankfully that works on the tabletop too.

Simple Module Scale

To get an idea of scale check out this building here with a few Infinity miniatures around it. It all seems perfectly useable with the models allowing you to dive and duck into buildings or even leap around over them using some of the bridges you can see above.

It's looking pretty great and if you'd like our full impressions on the terrain check out the latest Weekender. Oh, and that video trailer is an awesome way of showing off your product.

What do you think?

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