Red Knight’s Corpse Hammer Kickstarter Begins

October 2, 2012 by brennon

Red Knight Entertainment's Kickstarter for the Corpse Hammer miniatures game has begun in earnest. Check out some more previews for models in the range below and then consider heading over and pledging...

House Remegoth Carrion Callers

House Remegoth Carrion Callers Detail

Both House Remegoth and the Necrovanum have previews out for them now, and the Kickstarter aims to bring many more of these Trollforged Plastic miniatures to a battlefield near you.

Necrovanum Berserker Squad

Necrovanum Berserker Detail

And as if that wasn't enough they have even shown off the leader of House Remegoth himself. Check out this character miniature which looks like he has walked out of a video game, ready for war.

Baron Remegoth

Some pretty cool shots of him there, and certainly showing off what you can do with the material. I'm starting to quite like the originality of this range and the different crazy ways they are putting together squads for both sides of the conflict.

Will you consider going to pledge?

Let me know what you think of Red Knight below.

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