Hero Forge Bring Their Full-Colour 3D Prints To Kickstarter

January 15, 2020 by brennon

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So, the folks at Hero Forge are now on Kickstarter as they look to fund their new 2.0 program and a range of Full-Colour 3D printsย plus the option to get your miniatures professionally painted too. They certainly don't really need more support as they are already 2000% funded!

Hero Forge Colour - Hero Forge

So, their focus for the campaign is on developing the new platform so that it features all manner of new options for you to tinker around with (some of which are shown in the miniature above) plus also offering up the chance to apply colour in its various shades across the characters you're creating.

After you've then tinkered with designing a character you can then decide upon whether or not you want to get it printed in colour...

Colour Printed Miniatures - Hero Forge

...or have it professionally painted by their team so that it arrives in a different state which folks will be more familiar too.

Professionally Painted Miniatures - Hero Forge

Now, whilst the professionally painted miniatures look nice they are decidedly more expensive and so, at least for what most people are going to be using these Hero Forge characters for, I think that the 3D printed colour miniatures are a pretty good deal. Yes, the colour isn't quite as sharp but they've managed to get shading into the mix and they look a lot better than a WizKids figure (albeit at a much higher price tag).



This isn't going to be for everyone but I think that the final product they have been showing off is pretty nice. It seems to be better for certain colours as (for example) when you look at the elephant warrior above when next to the others, certain elements of the model are more defined.

Hero Forge Stages - Hero Forge

As well as the options to get pieces 3D printed in colour and the option for professional painting they have also a way for you to turn your 3D render that you've worked on into tokens for use in the likes of Roll20 and such. It is a nice way to get your character designs into roleplaying games played across the world through the use of the internet.

3D Hero Counters - Hero Forge

You can learn more about the process of designing your characters and their time frame over on the Kickstarter page, but as it stands it seems like this is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of people. There are many, many folks who are diving into roleplaying games right now and want their beloved characters popping up on the tabletop. I can see this really exploding over the coming months.

What do you make of their offerings?ย 

"There are many, many folks who are diving into roleplaying games right now and want their beloved characters popping up on the tabletop..."

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