Savage Worlds RPG Sees Mass Of New Releases This Month

September 10, 2019 by brennon

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Pinnacle Entertainment has been releasing a bunch of new content for Savage Worlds, a fast-paced roleplaying game, onto their webstore throughout this month allowing you to dive into their game even easier than before. The first core release is for the new Savage World Adventure Edition Core Rules.

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

This new book features the latest and up-to-date rules for Savage Worlds. The real strength of this game system is that it flows really easily and has mechanics which you'll pick up after a few rolls. Added to that you have the sandbox nature of its creation allowing you to set your games in realms of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk or something in between. There is no limit to where you can take the rules for Savage Worlds.

That might seem like it's going to be a headache to work with but I've found the rules really easy to read through and it's simply a case of bookmarking specific areas of the rules that you want to use, a bit like bolting on modules to fit your preferred playstyle.

Go Further!

While this version of the rules comes with enough in there to keep Games Masters going for a while there's also a supplement potentially worth adding into the mix. This is the World Builder & Game Master's Guide.

Savage Worlds World Builder & Game Master's Guide

This book helps those who want to create their own worlds to roleplay in and includes lots of helpful tips for your standard weekly or monthly games but also ways to run Savage Worlds for all ages (younger gamers), building up a core group to meet up with at conventions and also ways to publish your own worlds through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild.


Finally, we have a rather cool boxed set that you buy which contains everything you would pretty much ever need to play Savage Worlds. The Essentials Boxed Set is a mighty tome...

Savage World Essentials

In it, you'll find...

  • World Builder and Game Master’s Guide
  • Trifold landscape GM’s Screen + Mini Settings
  • Adventure Deck
  • Powers Cards
  • Status Cards
  • Oversize Action Deck
  • Dice Set + 4x custom Wild Dice
  • 25x Bennies
  • Transparent Cone and Blast Templates
  • Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Chart
  • Status Tokens
  • Power and Ammo Tracker dials (set of five)
  • “Red in the Rain” poster
  • Bookmarks

Now that is pretty cool. It does come with a heftier price tag but you're never going to want for anything after this. One thing that should be noted is that Savage Worlds works really well with miniatures so if you're a wargamer looking to take the leap into roleplaying games then this might be a good jumping-off point for you!

Many of the cool elements included in the Essentials Boxed Set are also available separately too over on their webstore like the Power, Status, Adventure and Action Decks.

I also have to commend Pinnacle Entertainment on the artwork for the different book covers. I love that they've managed to work in the same character across a range of genres and tie in the fact that the rules cross the genres!

Are you going to be leaping into Savage Worlds?

"There is no limit to where you can take the rules for Savage Worlds..."

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