Unleash The Terrifying Sci-Fi Grobnik From Mammoth Miniatures

July 22, 2022 by brennon

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Mammoth Miniatures have expanded their strange range of 28mm miniatures with the somewhat terrifying Grobnik. You can use these for all sorts of strange, dark and twisted Sci-Fi games.

Grobnik Trooper - Mammoth Miniatures

Grobnik Trooper // Mammoth Miniatures

The Grobnik were a strange creation of an ancient civilisation that was created to guard their vaults and tombs. They now wander the planet of their masters seeking to get rid of those who would dare to plunder their tombs.

Grobnik Bulwark - Mammoth Miniatures

Grobnik Bulwark // Mammoth Miniatures

There are a few different variants for you to pick up from the folks at Mammoth Miniatures at the moment. Each of them can be used to represent the rank and file of the Grobnik army as well as more elite units that have been tasked to watch over very important tombs.

Grobnik Dragoon - Mammoth Miniatures

Grobnik Dragoon // Mammoth Miniatures

With everyone getting a little obsessed with grimdark skirmish games at the moment, I think these would be perfect to fill in the gaps in a collection. You could use these as the wandering foes that your heroes run into as they are exploring lost tombs in search of treasure and loot to sell at the "space market".

Grobnik Deathray - Mammoth Miniatures

Grobnik Deathray // Mammoth Miniatures

The Deathray in particular would be a great choice as a drone that hunts down the heroes as they try and flee through a crumbling ruin. These are weird and full of old-school awesomeness and I think I love them!

Nekroplanet Grob - Mammoth Miniatures

Nekroplanet Grob // Mammoth Miniatures

I think these would be a perfect addition to a game like Planet28 which seems exceedingly well-suited to this style and aesthetic. Who would have guessed? We need more weird and odd stuff and this ticks those boxes.

Are you tempted to snap up these Grobnik?

"We need more weird and odd stuff and this ticks those boxes..."

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