The Hunt Heads To The Jungle In Alien Vs Predator: Hot Landing Zone Expansion

December 21, 2018 by dracs

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Prodos have a new expansion for Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins, bringing new models and rules for each of the factions and moving the action into dense jungle territory.

This new expansion, Alien vs Predator: Hot Landing Zone, brings with it twelve unicast figures, which can be added to existing forces or used as part of the advanced rules' custom forces.

5 Alien Spitters

5 Prisoners

A Synthetic

A Predator Tracker

Each of these brings new rules to the table, providing more in the way of tactical challenges and foes to overcome.

The expansion also brings with it a series of new rules options to bring into your games:

The Transport and Harass mechanic is introduced, in the form of a Dropship’s pilots taking part in the struggle for survival. The Human faction uses the Dropship to rapidly relocate their forces, while the Alien and Predator Factions try to make it too Hot a Landing Zone and cancel the Airlift

AvP:HLZ presents additional rules, where you get to play a Free for All scenario of up to six players. Additional gaming boxes will be needed for this purpose, and use of add-on packs and Advanced Game Rules is highly recommended.
- Prodos Games Press Release

The most exciting addition though maybe the inclusion of jungle tiles, taking your games out into the sweltering heat of alien rain forest.

Jungle locations have kind of been an iconic part of Predator since its first appearance, so it's nice to see that represented on the tabletop, as well as providing you with new environmental challenges to overcome.

Prodos are also offering a number of incentives for the pre-order, including 20% off on orders of their Dropship and their Predator Hellhounds. They are also including a squad of three cloaked Predators, made of semi-transparent plastic, for free with each pre-order. These are also to be available as a separate product, but only while Hot Landing Zone is on Pre-Order.

The models for this range have always been top notch, capturing the look and feel of the franchise perfectly. It is good to see the game continuing to grow and expand, delving deeper into some of sci-fi's all-time greatest monsters.

The expansion is set for release on January 21st, 2019, so that will be the time to grab your ridiculously oversized gun and head out for a bug hunt. Remember, if it bleeds, we can kill it.

What is your favourite Predator quote? I ain't got time to bleed!

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