Yoda, Wookiees, MagnaGuard & More For Star Wars: Legion!

March 22, 2021 by brennon

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It was a big weekend for the folks at Atomic Mass Games as they showed off what they've been working on for Star Wars: Legion. Those who like the Clone Wars era are going to be very happy! Leading the way was Yoda!

Yoda - Star Wars Legion

Yoda // Star Wars: Legion

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Yoda is leaping his way into the world of Star Wars: Legion soon with lightsaber at the ready and plenty of Force powers to boot. He comes in at a whopping 200 points but is there really a price you wouldn't pay to include this masterful Jedi in the mix?

Of course, his lightsaber is ready to slice and dice but he also gets that Force Wave ability which will no doubt be quite handy when surrounded by droids! I love the idea of Yoda dropping in and just sending clankers scattering with his abilities.

Wookiee Warriors!

As well as the new miniature(s) for Yoda, we also got some Wookiee might! More Wookiee Warriors are on the way with a couple of different sculpts shown off over the weekend.

Wookiee Warrior Alt - Star Wars Legion

Wookiee Warrior // Star Wars: Legion

This new kit is very much focused on delivering that moment from The Revenge Of The Sith on Kashyyyk. The new set WILL be dual faction and work for Rebels and Republic armies, working as a semi-replacement for the old set.

Wookiee Warrior - Star Wars Legion

Wookiee Warrior // Star Wars: Legion

I say "semi-replacement" in that it will come with new options for the Wookiees who now get a lot more in the way of ranged weapons. However, your old Wookiee Warriors pack will still be viable (of course) and give you a more melee-focused unit to drop into your games.

Here's hoping that we're going to be seeing some Wookiee characters down the line beyond just Chewbacca. The dream of a big furry army is very close indeed (insert Wookiee roar).


In addition to the miniatures for the Republic, we also got a new set of previews for the Separatists. Here we have one of the upgraded Super Tactical Droids.

Super Tactical Droid - Star Wars Legion

Super Tactical Droid // Star Wars: Legion

If you want to step away from the need to have anyone even slightly organic in your army then this is another good option. We already saw a Tactical Droid as part of one of the recent sets but this adds another level of tactical planning to your force. You could even paint it up like General Kalani from The Clone Wars show!

When running someone like Kalani on the tabletop, you might need a little bit of extra protection. You don't want someone sneaking around the rear of your force and shooting him! That's where the MagnaGuard come in!

MagnaGuard - Star Wars Legion

MagnaGuard// Star Wars: Legion

People have been wanting MagnaGuard for a really long time at this point and it's good to see that we're finally getting them! Able to go toe-to-toe with Jedi, these droids might be what you need in the absence of someone like Maul or Dooku in your army. You could also refight that clash aboard Grievous' flagship in Revenge Of The Sith.

New Vehicles

If that wasn't enough, we also got a peek at some new vehicles which are getting added to Star Wars: Legion.

A-A5 Speeder Truck - Star Wars Legion

A-A5 Speeder Truck // Star Wars: Legion

The A-A5 Speeder Truck gives you a solid Rebel transport option that has been stolen and added into the arsenal.

You might also find a use for the LAAT/le Patrol Transport which can be used as part of a Republic or Empire force depending on the era that you're fighting in.

LAAT Le Patrol Transport - Star Wars Legion

LAAT/le Patrol Transport // Star Wars: Legion

It's nice to see more of these smaller vehicles getting added into the mix to give you the option to build on the mechanised element of your armies. Being able to drop troops off at vital locations and provide them with a bit of cover means that you're not having to slog it across the battlefield on foot.

I am very encouraged by what Atomic Mass Games has been showing off and it looks like they have some neat ideas for Star Wars: Legion going forward.

A good weekend for Star Wars: Legion? Let me know in the comments below...

"I am very encouraged by what Atomic Mass Games has been showing off..."

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