Twisted’s Steampunk Pigsty Available For Limited Time

August 13, 2018 by brennon

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Available for a limited time as a pre-release resin miniature you are able to snag Pigsty from the Demented Games store for the Steampunk world of Twisted.

Pigsty #1 - Demented Games

This 32mm scale miniature was sculpted by Valentin Zak and whilst it is a pre-release miniature he also comes with all of the bells and whistles you need to consider when looking at using him in your games.

Pigsty #2 - Demented Games

"Never one to let work get in the way of pleasure – be it in the form of a strong drink or a pretty girl – Pigsty is an effective yet slightly unreliable agent for the Guild of Harmony.

His penchant for nipping off to chase any lady that catches his eye is a constant source of annoyance for his comrades and has lead Pigsty into many a scrape where good sense might have left his mission more easily achieved."

This particular miniature is awesome and I love the amount of character and detail that Demented Games are able to work into their sculpts. There are so many little details to pick like the link of sausages at his side (which don't seem particularly good for a pig!) and the fine craftsmanship worked into the weapon he has in his hands.

Pigsty (Painted) - Demented Games

Hopefully, you will be able to snap up your own version of Pigsty and paint him as well as they have for the studio. You wouldn't have many wolves blowing down his house that's for sure!

What do you think?

"You wouldn't have many wolves blowing down his house that's for sure!"

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