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Para Bellum’s Conquest: Building The Abomination

2 days ago 3

Today John's hobbying with Leo from Para Bellum Wargames to see just how simple it is to build Conquest's Abomination.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Galleon – Part Two

6 days ago 6

Mr Mennes is back with a super build encouraged by John himself, challenged to make something far superior to anything he's ever made in the office, he's ready for the challenge.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]

2 weeks ago 7

Showcase your projects by linking them into the comments within!

Flames of War: Building Normandy VLOG [Part Seven]


Today the guys have been to the beach in search of sand and rubble, failing that they decide to embark on making their own... from sand and rubble.

Community Spotlight: Calth Armies, Tattoo’d Orcs & Moving Turbine Engines!


Another week has passed and we've been fishing around the Hobby & Painting forums for some awesome paints, sculpts and general awesomeness from the community.

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part Two


We continue to explore painting the Longhorn from the Nasier faction in Wrath of Kings.

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part One


Join us for an epic painting tutorial this week as we show off how to paint up the Longhorn of the Nasier from Wrath of Kings.

VLOG: Christmas At BOW


It's been a hectic week here at Beast HQ and I've been working my button off to get the Christmas video ready for this year.

Get Creative & Spooky With Hobbyween!


Are you ready to freak us out and start work on your Hobbyween miniatures?

Community Spotlight: Eco Pods, Air Raids, Royal Guards & The Start Of A Forest


The Beasts of War Forums have been overflowing with some amazing projects to show off.

Hobby Lab Open Challenge has Ended


We've had some amazing topics over the past few weeks but now it's time to collect all the entries and put our judges to the test.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint Blue Armour


It's time to get out the trusty airbrush again and show you some awesome techniques for painting Blue armour.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2


We're back with another Hobby Lab, this time we're confinuing off where we left off last week and building the scaffold part of the Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 1


Yes, it's Hobby Lab time and this week we're bringing you a water fuelled two parter episode in which we show you how to make this awesome Modular Water Tower.

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