4Ground Get Stuck Into Their Gen Con Sale With 20% Off

August 2, 2019 by brennon

4Ground are not able to get to Gen Con this year but they have fired up a new sale over on their webstore where you can get 20% off online orders in celebration of this massive gaming event.

Gen Con Banner - 4Ground

As you can see the discount runs until August 10th so you've got plenty of time to get involved with this one if you wanted to pick up some of their new Urbes Mortis range for example. You'll also notice some of the tokens they have been working on to help those diving into big games like Apocalypse too. All of this can be seen HERE if you want to go and have a hunt around their webstore.

I am certainly considering it as I'm looking to build up a Burrows & Badgers tabletop and their buildings from Fabled Realms would be a perfect fit. Also, whilst it's not as exciting as some of the big buildings I am on the hunt for some trees...

Will you be taking advantage of the sale and if so, what products are you likely to snap up?

"...what products are you likely to snap up?"

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