4Ground Collaborate With Supreme Littleness On Frozen City Ruins

January 13, 2020 by brennon

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We're diving back into a year of awesomeness from 4Ground as they show off some of the collaborative projects they have been working on. This time we're checking out the Frozen City Ruins terrain which will be popping up alongside Supreme Littleness Designs.

Frozen City Ruins #1 - 4Ground

This is a very stylish looking piece that would, as the name suggests, be pretty suited to being included alongside games of Frostgrave and such. That twisting staircase, in particular, is quite the wonderful looking addition which would be wonderful to fight on.

Frozen City Ruins #2 - 4Ground

We've really liked the terrain of this ilk that we've checked out before from 4Ground and seeing more just means we can have even more packed tabletops for a good old skirmish. The way that the floor has been designed also works as a good way to plot out a dungeon. So, if you're looking to use some 3D elements in your games, this is a great option.

What do you make of the terrain they have been tinkering on?

"What do you make of the terrain they have been tinkering on?"

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