Archon Preview New Rampart Modular Terrain For November

November 4, 2019 by brennon

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Archon Studio is continuing to explore hard plastic modular terrain with a preview of another Kickstarter which will be launching on 26th November. This time around we're looking at Rampart and its 2nd Edition terrain and an early chance to pick up the terrain before a general release next year.

Kobalt Foundry Theme - Archon Studio

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The new Kickstarter will be focusing on delivering some tweaked and updated terrain which can be slotted together in all sorts of different ways thanks to magnets and such but also works fine without. One of the designs featuring prominently is for the Kobalt Foundry which you can see above. It seems like it would be a very good match for those playing games set in grimdark cities, perhaps a bit of Necromunda?

Eternal Cathedral Theme - Archon Studio

This them comes alongside the Eternal Cathedral set which is getting reworked and tweaked too. You might recognise some of this terrain as we used a mass of terrain to help us build our urban environment for the Warhammer 40,000 Hobby Weekend. You can see how that all looked in the end HERE. We were very impressed with the versatility of the terrain and how well it went together. Warren had a lot of fun tinkering with it.

The terrain has been designed so that it works with a range of models from across the industry meaning that it should be a good fit for the likes of 28mm through to 32/35mm wargaming.

Small Scale Terrain - Archon Studio

It all seems to come together to create some nice options for not just block terrain but also interactive tabletop elements which introduce a bit more height. We love our verticality in games so it's nice to see them adding to that with more floor options.

Scale Terrain - Archon Studio

All of the terrain comes on big sprues as we've mentioned before and once it has been snipped off all you need to do is start plugging away. It's a bit like wargamer LEGO and you could very easily sit for hours and tinker around with this as you look to build different tabletops using the magnetised components.

Plastic Sprues - Archon Studio

Some of the existing First Edition terrain options will be coming back to this campaign too and there will be lots of different add-ons and such for people to start adding into the mix if you want to upgrade things to the next level.

This also means everything from this upcoming campaign will work alongside the stuff available in the first. You can go and see how the first campaign progressed HERE. Similar processes were also used by Archon on their latest Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter.

Rampart Terrain Colour #1 - Archon Studio

You can keep up to date with everything in the run-up to the new campaign by signing up to their Rampart Newsletter. This should keep you informed about updates and notify you when they are closing in on the launch of their campaign.

All of the available terrain from the campaign is going to be coming out next year but this will be your chance to pick up the collection much earlier and with a big discount.

Are you tempted to pick up more big plastic kits of tabletop terrain?

"Are you tempted to pick up more big plastic kits of tabletop terrain?"

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