Art Of War Take A Break Around Their Tundra Watermill Terrain

May 4, 2020 by brennon

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Art Of War Studios is back with another fun terrain piece for those looking to great Nordic landscapes for their Fantasy worlds. Here we have the Tundra Watermill which builds on the Nordic Archway we saw last week.

-5eafcdd3b4dc3--5eafcdd3b4dc4Tundra Watermill #1 - Art Of War Studios.jpg

This time around we have a very familiar-looking piece of terrain which is particularly suited to the worlds of Elder Scrolls. This is a nice piece of terrain which would work well to jazz up a river and give a focal point for clashes between warbands in a sleepy town in the bottom of a valley.

I really like the look of this terrain and I think when you get a peek at the exploded view, you can see there is plenty of space inside for you to battle it out around creaking timber and saw blades.

-5eafcdd6894c3--5eafcdd6894c4Tundra Watermill #2 - Art Of War Studios.jpg

Nice little statement pieces like this are a good way to make a set of tabletop terrain look more natural. It's always good having a bunch of houses but you need places for the people to work as well! Considering the narrative angle that Modiphius has gone with for their Elder Scrolls game, terrain pieces like this lend themselves well to that.

You could very easily put together a scenario which features a "Clash At The Watermill" where two business owners have set mercenaries against each other to see who comes out on top.

Are you going to be picking up this terrain kit?

"It's always good having a bunch of houses but you need places for the people to work as well!"

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