Battle Across The Badlands With PWork Wargames’ Mat

April 23, 2019 by brennon

We're revisiting a mat from the team at PWork Wargames today as we take a peek at their Badlands mat which would be very good for all those folks getting stuck into their Post-Apocalyptic games on the tabletop.

Badlands Mat #1 - PWork Wargames

The mat gives you a good layout for those wanting to delve into some clashes across a blasted landscape bereft of life. As well as working as a good backdrop for a clash in an irradiated wasteland though it might also be a good place to set your Martian battles too.

As with all of their mats, the Badlands design is available in a range of different sizes to suit the different games you're playing.

Badlands Mat #2 - PWork Wargames

Whilst the immediate thought goes to that of mass battles on this mat I also think it would be good for smaller games like Gaslands. The landscape, scaled to 28mm, would still probably work really well for that game in 20mm too.

Here the team showed off what a game can look like being played out on the mat. I think that the detail work on the mat does give you some good ideas as to where you'd build up specific installations and other buildings, guiding you to create interesting layouts for firefights.

Badlands Mat #3 - PWork Wargames

I still think that if you're going to be picking up a mat or two though you need to find a way of making it so that terrain blends more seamlessly into its surface. Maybe bases, like they've used here, are good but with a little more work put into the match-up.

Badlands Mat #4 - PWork Wargames

Could you be tempted by this Badlands mat for your games and if so, what games would you play on it?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Could you be tempted by this Badlands mat for your games and if so, what games would you play on it?"

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