Bandua Wargames Set Out New Ready For Battle Industrial Terrain

July 4, 2018 by brennon

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Bandua Wargames has a new set of Ready For Battle terrain for you to check out on their webstore. All of this is focused towards more urban environments but also provides you with some helpful gaming aids too.

Industrial Terrain Banner - Bandua Wargames

The new collection breaks down into a number of different elements but one of the most interesting bits of the kit is the new Area Terrain and Crater pieces that they have designed.

Cover Areas & Scatter Terrain - Bandua Wargames

The designs have been created so that they are good to use right out of the box and with the application of a bit of scatter terrain can then help you define where you're going to be getting Cover Saves in games of Warhammer 40,000. It certainly works better than trying to convince someone that you're behind a piece of cover!

Area Terrain Marker - Bandua Wargames

This is nothing new of course but this is a good set which works well alongside some of the rest of their range. They have also been working on a selection of big Container pieces which can be used to create big line-of-sight blocking terrain pieces and help with elevation on the tabletop.

Containers - Bandua Wargames

They are Containers, so nothing overly special, but this is easy terrain to use on the tabletop for a range of different games AND it crosses genres too.

Containers Scale Comparison - Bandua Wargames

So, if you're looking for a good set of terrain to help make your urban environment pop this might be worth taking a pop at. With a simple mat, you've already got a dock or shipping yard to fight your games on.

What do you think of their latest offerings?

"It certainly works better than trying to convince someone that you're behind a piece of cover!"

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