Base Your Miniatures With Kromlech’s New Tufts & Static Grass

May 10, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech has recently released some new basing materials for you to use, perhaps alongside the Dark Forest range that they unveiled last week? Three new sets of Coarse Turf are available for you to pick up alongside a big pot o' Static Grass.

Olive Green - Kromlech

Olive Green // Kromlech

Light Green - Kromlech

Light Green // Kromlech

Dark Green - Kromlech

Dark Green // Kromlech

Each of the sets of Coarse Tufts can be used to make scrubland, bushes, weeds and maybe even foliage on young trees. You could use just one tub for your bases and terrain or mix and match to get a variety of colours into the mix.

Match these pots with the new Static Grass for your Forest Floor and you've got a good selection of options for making your enchanted forest or something darker and more foreboding.

Forest Floor - Kromlech

Forest Floor // Kromlech

In an ideal world, I would have pots and pots of different material for making bases so I could really go to town on my collection. Alas, with limited space it's probably better to just use what I have although when I run out I am very tempted by this collection. I think it could add a nice, rich texture to the bases of my miniatures.

New 32mm Bases!

But, that's not all. You can't have basing material without bases. Kromlech is now doing their own set of 32mm Round Bases for you to mount your figures on.

Round 32mm Bases - Kromlech

Round 32mm Bases // Kromlech

Nothing too exciting about these but they should work well for the miniatures produced by Kromlech. They also have that nice texture to their surface which means they give things a nice look, even when painted over directly.

32mm Base Example - Kromlech

32mm Base Example // Kromlech

If you've just picked up a massive army of Orcs from Kromlech then maybe complete that with some new bases and tubs of basing material! Which colour of bright green tuft caught your eye in particular?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Which colour of bright green tuft caught your eye in particular?"

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