Battle Through The Bulkhead Set From Promethium Forge

February 25, 2020 by brennon

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Promethium Forge has been showing off a new set of terrain which is going to be landing soon alongside 4Ground it seems. This seems like it would be pretty darn awesome for anyone diving in to play grimdark games but pretty much anything Sci-Fi would work. Take a peek at the Bulkhead Set.

Bulkhead Set - 4Ground

This looks like a rather modular set which comes with the thing we love the most about Sci-Fi terrain, verticality! It's always more fun to be fighting on multiple levels during your skirmish games and I could see some great stuff happening in terms of storytelling once you add a few more narrative elements.

As you can see, the terrain can go together in different ways and as well as being available in this plain state I would assume we're going to see this coated in a lick of paint too thanks to 4Ground.

Bulkhead Set Alt - 4Ground

I like the idea of this being dropped into the mix on all sorts of maps. If you had a sea mat then this could be used as a rig that is drilling for materials. If this was on a desert or alien mat then it would work as a base which has been erected on a frontier planet. There are many ways that you could approach working on this terrain to make it fit your game of choice.

Are you going to be snapping up this terrain set once the teams have got involved and released it to the masses?

Drop your thoughts below on what games this would work for...

"Drop your thoughts below on what games this would work for..."

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