Battle Systems Bring Snow To Their Fantasy Terrain Kickstarter

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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Battle Systems are focusing in on some nice cosmetic upgrade kits for their new Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter. As the campaign winds down towards its final four days you can bring winter to the tabletop.

Snow Covered Roofs - Battle Systems

The new roof sections are going to be unlocked at various levels. The one above, a new roof for the Blacksmith's Forge, has already been unlocked but they are still waiting to close in on the roof sections for a myriad of other terrain pieces.

Snow Covered Roofs Pledge - Battle Systems

This is a great way to start adding a bit more diversity into your set. It means that you could play through the seasons during your campaign, starting off in summer or spring and then tracking your warbands adventures through into the depths of winter, changing up the beasts you face along the way. I like that we're going to be getting some new Scatter Terrain too!

Will you be delving in during the last few days?

"It means that you could play through the seasons during your campaign..."

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