Blasted Warzone Terrain On The Cards From GameMat.Eu

June 17, 2019 by brennon

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GameMat.Eu is working away on some new terrain options for people to use when building blasted tabletops that have seen war and ruin. The Fallout Zones are taking on a new guise as they get blown to bits with these new ruins soon.

Terrain Preview #1 - GameMatEu

This will be an addition to their 'ready to play' resin terrain range, giving you the choice of a more destroyed look to your battlefield. As with all of their terrain it looks very playable. It acts very nicely as blocking terrain but there's also space for verticality in games thanks to that ridge around the top and inside too.

3D Print Your Barricades

As well as this larger terrain piece which was previewed, the team also added a new STL file to their collection. The Barricades file gives you a nice way to focus the fighting and also important cover to hide behind!

Terrain Preview #2 - GameMatEu

This is available for download right now and would be perfectly suitable for Sci-Fi and Historical gaming. It's also the kind of scatter/cover terrain a lot of tabletops need to make them look more like an active warzone.

What do you make of GameMat's latest tinkering?

"As with all of their terrain it looks very playable..."

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